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Welcome to Semi-Precious Crystals

Cristal Trinity is a store of semiprecious crystals, representing a way in which you can connect to the energies of the mineral kingdom, using them both for therapeutic and artistic purposes.

Thus, we offer a series of products that act on both the physical body and the mental field, as well as the energy field: from geodes, crystal grids, therapeutic wands, obelisks, spheres and pendants inscribed with Reiki, Karuna, Shamballa and other symbols, paintings with Reiki symbols, Karuna, Shamballa, chakra-specific bracelets, bracelets for balancing meridians, males up to rings, bracelets, children's bracelets, earrings, necklaces and Feng Shui products such as essences, perfume sticks, figurines, bells and bowls Tibetan.

We also engrave different symbols to order according to your needs.